Finding Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

Finding osteoarthritis pain relief is not just a matter of looking for medication. There are many ways that you can get pain relief for this chronic condition without rushing to the medicine cabinet. Most doctors today agree that osteoarthritis pain relief should be as natural as possible, to avoid side effects.

Traditional Remedies: The problem with the traditional pain relief remedies for osteoarthritis is that they have negative side effects. Anti-inflammatory drugs, the most commonly prescribed medications for osteoarthritis, can have negative side effects in the digestive system. They have been linked with gastronomical problems as well as ulcers in the stomach. They have also been linked to liver disease. While they show promise in relieve the pain from osteoarthritis, they are not without their problems.

Over The Counter Pain Relief: Other osteoarthritis pain relief is found in over the counter medication such as Tylenol and aspirin. These over the counter medications also have a negative impact on the digestive tract. Studies indicate that stomach ulcers and liver problems can be caused by abuse of over the counter pain medications. Stomach cancer has also been linked to this type of abuse. While over the counter medications are ideal for relieving pain that occurs once in a while, they can be harmful if taken in great quantities for chronic pain.

Pain Killers: In some cases, doctors may recommend pain killers for osteoarthritis. Some people suffer from this condition to the point where it is debilitating. In such cases, the doctor may recommend this type of treatment for those who are in dire pain. The problem with pain killers is that they cause the patient to build up a tolerance for the drug that means an increase in dosage to achieve the same results. The pain killers are also very addictive. They can cause the person to experience pain magnified when they attempt to kick the habit.

Muscle Relaxants: Muscle relaxants are also used to combat osteoarthritis, but they can have the same results as pain medication. It is clear that alternate means of osteoarthritis pain relief must be explored in order to keep people from the negative side effects of prescription and over the counter drugs.

Heat Treatments: Heating treatments can also work well when it comes to osteoarthritis pain relief. Many patients find that heating pads as well as whirlpool and sauna treatments do wonders to ease the pain. Paraffin wax treatments for the hands and feet can also be a viable treatment for this condition.

Healthy Diet: Eating the right foods and taking supplements can also help with osteoarthritis. If you want to treat this condition, you should look to the cause. Many people who suffer from osteoarthritis are overweight. If this is the case, then you are doing your whole body a favor when you lose weight.

Exercise: Knee braces, lumbar support devices and even massage can help with osteoarthritis. Exercise does not harm this condition, in fact, it can help. Many doctors will recommend some type of exercise, such as swimming, to help with osteoarthritis pain.

When you suffer from osteoarthritis, you will feel pain. But instead of reaching into the medicine cabinet for osteoarthritis pain relief, look first to more natural pain relief for this condition to avoid harmful side effects.